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Chuzzle game

And then comes Chuzzle the new puzzle game that will keep you glued for hours to your iPhone and iPod Touch. The operation is similar to that of iZoo but with many special features and more graphics. When we launch the game, we will find our loved colored Dots, and our goal is to align them, according to their color. The rules are slightly different, you can move it along a row and a column, and you can only move one chuzzle at a time. The combinations are not always the same, in fact to burst our chuzzles you can accumulate three horizontally, vertically, but also on both sides, forming a sort of “L”. The game is really fun and sometimes the chuzzle appear with glasses, which are not to helpful. Other chuzzles have special powers, which will break out everything that is nearby, or those from the same color. You can find it in the category of Games iSpazio adding our repository http://repo.ispazio.net
WARNING iSpazio is not responsible for low battery due to the additivity of this game

SuperPong game

SuperPong is a new game that follows the most famous Arkanoid. It displays very well and is easy to use. In fact, once we started the game we have the ability to choose from 3 levels of difficulty, once we have chosen a level, we simply touch the screen to throw the ball. The same thing applies to enter the settings: in fact to set the game to your own peace, you must tap the screen when the ball is in motion! We also have the ability to play using the accelerometer that is enabled by default. SuperPong is available in the category “Games” of adding this source www.spiffyware.net/iphone

TRIS game

Tris is a tetris clone game that for my opinion is the best tetris game available for the iphone. In this new version they fix a bug and added the abilitie to save the High Scores. You could Find Tris in iSpazio Games by adding our repository http://repo.ispazio.net


fring for your iPhone

OK. So you’re one of the first to have one of the coolest bits of kit ever created.
Well now you can also become one of the first to get your hands on one of the coolest mobile apps ever created, because we’ve just made a special “lite” pre-release, R&D version of fring available for the iPhone - a publicly available mobile VoIP app for iPhone?…that’s a world-first too!
fring up your iPhone with this pre-release, development version and discover the freedom of taking all of your fring®, Skype®, MSN®, Google Talk™, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo!™ & AIM® buddies mobile on your iPhone, allowing you to make free calls over WiFi & enjoy rich, IM-style chat with them using internet connection.
This special pre-release version of fring, has been developed in conjunction with the Holon Institute of Technology academic research labs in response to iPhone users urging us to let them join the growing community of fringsters in over 180 countries worldwide. During the R&D period, we’ll be listening to feedback, so we can fine tune the final version and create a truly kicking user experience for iPhone users.
All you need to start enjoying the pre-release fring for iPhone is an “opened” iPhone with the Installer and a WiFi access. Click here for more details and get your own fringing freedom on iPhone in minutes.
And fring is free to download, free to use!
BTW: we want to thank all you iPhone users, who pushed us so relentlessly to bring fring to the iPhone world. Have fun :) and just like any other fring version it’s free to download, free to use!

To install, add: http://fring.com/iphone.xml as a source in Installer.

Trism iPhone Puzzle Game Demo

Trism has hit Installer with a demo version. The main objective is to get three consecutive triangles of the same color along with the blocks falling according to the way your iPhone/iPod Touch is tilted. Check out the video for a better explanation along with some screenshots below.

Loo - A Bloxorz Clone

Loo has been released by the WeiPhone dev team. Loo is a clone of the Flash game Bloxorz. The objective of Loo is to tumble a rectangular block through each stage and deposit it into the square hole at the end. Use the arrow keys for control to tumble the block around the play field, but don’t let it fall off the edges. The round switches can be just rolled over to trip, but the “X” switches require a little more weight, so you’ll have to stand the block on end to trip them. To install, add: http://app.weiphone.com/installer/


quake 3 on ipod touch

Future generations will most likely divide the timeline of history at this point: when Quake 3 achieved motion-sensing, wireless network play on two iPod touches. Just think, less than a year ago we were salivating (or at least mildly enthused) at the prospect of rocking Doom on this thing, and now Quake 3 Arena is yours for the taking -- or at least will be once we get any sort of hard info on this app.