Chuzzle game

And then comes Chuzzle the new puzzle game that will keep you glued for hours to your iPhone and iPod Touch. The operation is similar to that of iZoo but with many special features and more graphics. When we launch the game, we will find our loved colored Dots, and our goal is to align them, according to their color. The rules are slightly different, you can move it along a row and a column, and you can only move one chuzzle at a time. The combinations are not always the same, in fact to burst our chuzzles you can accumulate three horizontally, vertically, but also on both sides, forming a sort of “L”. The game is really fun and sometimes the chuzzle appear with glasses, which are not to helpful. Other chuzzles have special powers, which will break out everything that is nearby, or those from the same color. You can find it in the category of Games iSpazio adding our repository http://repo.ispazio.net
WARNING iSpazio is not responsible for low battery due to the additivity of this game

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