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New 3D Game Engine for iPhone

This video is a demo of a 3D physics engine on the iPhone with a sandbox game developed by the mobile game company IUGO. It’s pretty cool and definitely has potential as more than a demo. Here is the demo video.

Homade ChocoCase for iPhone

This is apparently not the first time that chocolate inspires accessoiristes or other designers.

Avec le Homade ChocoCase for iPhone, une housse en silicone en forme de tablette de chocolat, les gourmands vont pouvoir customiser leur iPhone avec leur encas favoris. With Homade ChocoCase for iPhone, a silicone pouch-shaped chocolate bar, gourmands will be able to customise their iPhone with their favorite snacks.

Vendu comme une tablette de chocolat (il faut reconnaître que l’emballage est bluffant) au prix de 29,99 USD chez gizfever, le Homade ChocoCase vous rappellera à tout moment l’objet de votre vice. Sold as a chocolate bar (you must recognize that the packaging is bluffant) at a price of USD 29.99 at gizfever, Homade ChocoCase you recall at any time the subject of your vice. Attention cependant de ne pas mordre dedans si vous avez une petite fringale à l’heure du goûter. Attention, however, did not bite inside if you have a small snack at the snack.

First official applications and games

In the keynote yesterday, presented a range of applications, you might say that are among the first to be formally announced. Algunas estarán disponible con el lanzamiento de la AppStore y para otras tendremos que esperar mas. Some are available with the launch of the AppStore and others will have to wait for more.

O2 Confirms BT OpenZone Wi-Fi For iPhone Users

We noted on the launch day for the iPhone 3G, that UK customers would now get free Wi-Fi via The Cloud and BT OpenZone, which caused some minor confusion. Today, O2 confirmed that BT OpenZone was being added to the package.

From July 11, more than 3,000 BT OpenZone Wi-Fi hotspots will be added to the free Wi-Fi deal you get with the iPhone. Added to The Cloud's wireless network, that takes the number of free Wi-Fi locations to more than 9,000, which should make many existing, and new, iPhone users grin that little bit wider.

Both the iPhone and iPhone 3G will automatically switch to faster Wi-Fi networks for faster browsing and data sharing when they are in range, according to O2.

BT OpenZone's 3,000 Wi-Fi hotspots include 13 wireless city centres, including Sheffield, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Westminster, Liverpool and Leeds, among others.