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Rechargeable Emergency Battery

Rechargeable Emergency

Battery (Limited Stock!)

If you're one of those users who really take advantage of every of the many great features the iPhone 3G has to offer – fantastic Internet surfing and networking capabilites, multimedia and entertainment applications, music and more – surely, you are wishing for a way to prolong your iPhone 3G's battery life in those situations where you could really need the extra talking time. Now, the Emergency Battery has arrived to save your day! You don't always have the option to recharge the regular iPhone 3G battery, especially when traveling – so how about a backup battery for emergency use, to make sure you won't miss any calls?

3 hours of additio

nal talking time

We've custom-designed the Emergency Battery for use with the iPhone 3G, testing it thoroughly to ensure full compatibility and a maximum lifespan. Powered with 1000mAh and rechargeable by USB cable, the Emergency Battery is going to provide you with 3 hours of additional talking time, or 40% of the iPhone 3G's original battery capacity – more than enough to get you through the day! Now you can finally make use of your iPhone 3G's feature palette without the fear of draining your battery too quickly. Thanks to the Emergency Battery, it's time to stop worrying and enjoy what your iPhone 3G has to offer!

Fully support the iPhone 3G and work with most of protective cases!

As one of the Emergency Battery's main areas of use is in travel situations, we've paid special attention to making it as lightweight and portable as possible, building in a custom-tailored clipset to fully support the iPhone 3G and the connector have been extended 1mm for recharge your iPhone without remove the case, which is major problem for the similar products in the market. Judging by the result – the Emergency Battery weighs in at just 40g, with dimensions of 61x52x12mm – we can clearly say that we've been successful. This goes for ease of use as well: With simple plug & play, you'll have your iPhone 3G ready to be used again within seconds.

Our Emergency Battery is the ideal solution to your battery problems – no matter whether you're on the road, or depend on your iPhone 3G at work. It is a simple, yet amazingly useful accessory that is going to take your iPhone experience to new heights.

Please recharge the emergency battery before use.


  • Dimension: 61x 52x12 (mm)
  • Weight: 40g
  • Extended connector for work with Silicone, Crystal or hard case , (within 1mm thin)
  • Capacity: 1000mAh
  • Recharge time: 2~4hours
  • Can be re-use up to 300 times
  • the emergeny battery is able to recharged by iPhone/iPod USB


Plasma game on iphone

Plasma is a new type shooting game using a touch panel. Generating combos and breaking plasma balls on the screen, participants will aim for higher scores. Compete with other worldwide Plasma users for higher ranking. Now Available!


Blue Skies.app

Raging Thunder iPhone racing game now available in AppStore

Everyone’s favorite racing game for the iPhone, Raging Thunder, that and subsequently stopped working after firmware v2.x release, is now available in AppStore.

Raging Thunder is an arcade game that offers multiple game modes, including multiplayer with up to 3 other players.

The graphics are quite realistic, the driving isn’t, while Raging Thunder’s controls make use of iPhone’s accelerometer and are generally quite easy to get used to।


New 3D Game Engine for iPhone

This video is a demo of a 3D physics engine on the iPhone with a sandbox game developed by the mobile game company IUGO. It’s pretty cool and definitely has potential as more than a demo. Here is the demo video.

Homade ChocoCase for iPhone

This is apparently not the first time that chocolate inspires accessoiristes or other designers.

Avec le Homade ChocoCase for iPhone, une housse en silicone en forme de tablette de chocolat, les gourmands vont pouvoir customiser leur iPhone avec leur encas favoris. With Homade ChocoCase for iPhone, a silicone pouch-shaped chocolate bar, gourmands will be able to customise their iPhone with their favorite snacks.

Vendu comme une tablette de chocolat (il faut reconnaître que l’emballage est bluffant) au prix de 29,99 USD chez gizfever, le Homade ChocoCase vous rappellera à tout moment l’objet de votre vice. Sold as a chocolate bar (you must recognize that the packaging is bluffant) at a price of USD 29.99 at gizfever, Homade ChocoCase you recall at any time the subject of your vice. Attention cependant de ne pas mordre dedans si vous avez une petite fringale à l’heure du goûter. Attention, however, did not bite inside if you have a small snack at the snack.

First official applications and games

In the keynote yesterday, presented a range of applications, you might say that are among the first to be formally announced. Algunas estarán disponible con el lanzamiento de la AppStore y para otras tendremos que esperar mas. Some are available with the launch of the AppStore and others will have to wait for more.

O2 Confirms BT OpenZone Wi-Fi For iPhone Users

We noted on the launch day for the iPhone 3G, that UK customers would now get free Wi-Fi via The Cloud and BT OpenZone, which caused some minor confusion. Today, O2 confirmed that BT OpenZone was being added to the package.

From July 11, more than 3,000 BT OpenZone Wi-Fi hotspots will be added to the free Wi-Fi deal you get with the iPhone. Added to The Cloud's wireless network, that takes the number of free Wi-Fi locations to more than 9,000, which should make many existing, and new, iPhone users grin that little bit wider.

Both the iPhone and iPhone 3G will automatically switch to faster Wi-Fi networks for faster browsing and data sharing when they are in range, according to O2.

BT OpenZone's 3,000 Wi-Fi hotspots include 13 wireless city centres, including Sheffield, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Westminster, Liverpool and Leeds, among others.


Fring .9785 Update

Today we have update the most awesome application available Fring. We have not seem no visual changes, but this version solves some bugs. One of the bugs that I was looking forward to be fix was the black line where you type the message that prevented you from seeing what you type using an iTouch, but that bug is still present. The new features are: 1. Fixed the problems Removing SMS.
2. Calls on mVoIP firmware 1.1.2 are now supported.
3. Incoming SIP calls are also available with this new version.

New instruments for Band

A new pack of instruments for the popular application Band available from Installer. These 13 instruments: TB303, RhythmGuitar, Pizzicato, MPC500, LeadGuitar, Flute, EP, ElectroBoard, DaftBand, Congas, Cello, and Bongos Harmonica. The latter while being installed, is not visible in the Band. Initially, after installing all new tools, the application will refresh within a few seconds and after some tests I noticed that Band supports a maximum of 4 / 5 instruments, after which, it crashes. You can find all this Instruments in the toys category in Installer from ModMyiFone

Tribal Target Shooting Game

NicoTeam Homework has released Tribal, a target shooting game which lets you destroy up to 5 targets at a time utilizing the iPhone’s touchscreen. Hit the tribal masks along with the bonus items for additional points while trying to avoid bombs. Add: http://s.imov.eu as a source in Installer

iPhone Earth


www.only2clicks.com on iphone>>great

The image “http://www.only2clicks.com/images/body_bg.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Take a Tour

Access your bookmark anytime, anywhere

Imagine having your entire bookmark collections in one place, Access them from home desktop, office laptop or using our optimized iPhone interface. Access your links anytime, anywhere.


widgetbox.com on iphone

Chuzzle game

And then comes Chuzzle the new puzzle game that will keep you glued for hours to your iPhone and iPod Touch. The operation is similar to that of iZoo but with many special features and more graphics. When we launch the game, we will find our loved colored Dots, and our goal is to align them, according to their color. The rules are slightly different, you can move it along a row and a column, and you can only move one chuzzle at a time. The combinations are not always the same, in fact to burst our chuzzles you can accumulate three horizontally, vertically, but also on both sides, forming a sort of “L”. The game is really fun and sometimes the chuzzle appear with glasses, which are not to helpful. Other chuzzles have special powers, which will break out everything that is nearby, or those from the same color. You can find it in the category of Games iSpazio adding our repository http://repo.ispazio.net
WARNING iSpazio is not responsible for low battery due to the additivity of this game

SuperPong game

SuperPong is a new game that follows the most famous Arkanoid. It displays very well and is easy to use. In fact, once we started the game we have the ability to choose from 3 levels of difficulty, once we have chosen a level, we simply touch the screen to throw the ball. The same thing applies to enter the settings: in fact to set the game to your own peace, you must tap the screen when the ball is in motion! We also have the ability to play using the accelerometer that is enabled by default. SuperPong is available in the category “Games” of adding this source www.spiffyware.net/iphone

TRIS game

Tris is a tetris clone game that for my opinion is the best tetris game available for the iphone. In this new version they fix a bug and added the abilitie to save the High Scores. You could Find Tris in iSpazio Games by adding our repository http://repo.ispazio.net


fring for your iPhone

OK. So you’re one of the first to have one of the coolest bits of kit ever created.
Well now you can also become one of the first to get your hands on one of the coolest mobile apps ever created, because we’ve just made a special “lite” pre-release, R&D version of fring available for the iPhone - a publicly available mobile VoIP app for iPhone?…that’s a world-first too!
fring up your iPhone with this pre-release, development version and discover the freedom of taking all of your fring®, Skype®, MSN®, Google Talk™, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo!™ & AIM® buddies mobile on your iPhone, allowing you to make free calls over WiFi & enjoy rich, IM-style chat with them using internet connection.
This special pre-release version of fring, has been developed in conjunction with the Holon Institute of Technology academic research labs in response to iPhone users urging us to let them join the growing community of fringsters in over 180 countries worldwide. During the R&D period, we’ll be listening to feedback, so we can fine tune the final version and create a truly kicking user experience for iPhone users.
All you need to start enjoying the pre-release fring for iPhone is an “opened” iPhone with the Installer and a WiFi access. Click here for more details and get your own fringing freedom on iPhone in minutes.
And fring is free to download, free to use!
BTW: we want to thank all you iPhone users, who pushed us so relentlessly to bring fring to the iPhone world. Have fun :) and just like any other fring version it’s free to download, free to use!

To install, add: http://fring.com/iphone.xml as a source in Installer.

Trism iPhone Puzzle Game Demo

Trism has hit Installer with a demo version. The main objective is to get three consecutive triangles of the same color along with the blocks falling according to the way your iPhone/iPod Touch is tilted. Check out the video for a better explanation along with some screenshots below.

Loo - A Bloxorz Clone

Loo has been released by the WeiPhone dev team. Loo is a clone of the Flash game Bloxorz. The objective of Loo is to tumble a rectangular block through each stage and deposit it into the square hole at the end. Use the arrow keys for control to tumble the block around the play field, but don’t let it fall off the edges. The round switches can be just rolled over to trip, but the “X” switches require a little more weight, so you’ll have to stand the block on end to trip them. To install, add: http://app.weiphone.com/installer/


quake 3 on ipod touch

Future generations will most likely divide the timeline of history at this point: when Quake 3 achieved motion-sensing, wireless network play on two iPod touches. Just think, less than a year ago we were salivating (or at least mildly enthused) at the prospect of rocking Doom on this thing, and now Quake 3 Arena is yours for the taking -- or at least will be once we get any sort of hard info on this app.


MXTube - Download YouTube Videos Onto Your iPhone

Mxtube is a native iPhone/iPod Touch application that essentially allows you to download YouTube videos onto your iPhone and allow playback locally. Videos can be downloaded via WiFi with a high quality setting or a lower quality setting via Edge. Now available on Installer using: sleepers.net/iphonerepo as a source and found under the Multimedia category.

MxTube IPhone Native App - Coming Soon - Click here for the funniest movie of the week

www.ubuket.com on iphone


FreeLoader 8.0 Solar Charger supports the iPhone, iPod Touch

The new FreeLoader 8.0 Portable Solar Charger by Solar Technology is a smart looking, versatile device that charges a multitude of the latest mobile gadgets for free using Solar Energy, and supports charging for your iPod Touch or iPhone! This is an energy efficient way to charge your iPod either while traveling or on a daily basis.
Designed to sit suit the latest fashionable gadgets with its sleek looks and design, the Freeloader 8.0 is gadgetry eye candy. It is also conveniently mobile, boasting a durable casing for hard-core mobility and the ability to fold into a stylish minimal device that can easily be slipped into a pocket or handbag. The FreeLoader 8.0 Portable Solar Charger uses the latest in cutting edge solar technology to convert solar energy into electricity, making power readily available for a wealth of popular mobile devices. For example, the FreeLoader 8.0 boasts the ability to power an iPod for 18 hours.

The Freeloader 8.0 is available in both Hot Pink and Cool Aluminium Silver, retails £29.99. To purchase or for more details, visit www.solartechnology.co.uk, which offers free shipping to the UK.

ZiPhone 2.5: How to Unlock Your 1.1.4 iPhone

For those who have successfully jailbreaked and unlocked their 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 iPhones using ZiPhone, you will be happy to know that there are new solutions for the new 1.1.4 firmware update.
There are now two applications you can use to jailbreak/unlock your 1.1.4 iPhone. They are ZiPhone 2.5 and iNdependence, which have both been updated to unlock/jailbreak 1.1.4 iPhones! Let’s see what’s involved to unlock your 1.1.4 iPhone using ZiPhone 2.5!

How to Unlock Your 1.1.4 iPhone with ZiPhone 2.5 (the simplified version!)

Prior to these instructions, if you have an OTB (out of the box, aka BRAND NEW) 1.1.2/1.1.3/1.1.4 iPhone you can follow the steps below. If you’re on older firmware, you should have “restored” your iPhone to 1.1.4 via iTunes first before attempting the jailbreak/unlock.

1. Download the program from here

2. Extract the contents to a folder on your desktop. Launch ziphoneGUI.exe

3. Connect your iPhone to your computer and make sure it has been detected

4. Time to jailbreak, activate, and unlock. Click “Do It All!” to rock and roll!

5. ZiPhone will now load zibri.dat and then search for your iPhone. You will be asked to wait 4 minutes once it’s been found.

6. Once this time has passed, your iPhone will reboot. After the reboot, it will be activated, jailbreaked and unlocked!

7. Installer.app should be on your iPhone after this process. You shoud install the BSD Subsystem.

8. Thanks to iClarified for these instructions. Check out their site for graphical step by step instructions.