MXTube - Download YouTube Videos Onto Your iPhone

Mxtube is a native iPhone/iPod Touch application that essentially allows you to download YouTube videos onto your iPhone and allow playback locally. Videos can be downloaded via WiFi with a high quality setting or a lower quality setting via Edge. Now available on Installer using: sleepers.net/iphonerepo as a source and found under the Multimedia category.

MxTube IPhone Native App - Coming Soon - Click here for the funniest movie of the week

www.ubuket.com on iphone


FreeLoader 8.0 Solar Charger supports the iPhone, iPod Touch

The new FreeLoader 8.0 Portable Solar Charger by Solar Technology is a smart looking, versatile device that charges a multitude of the latest mobile gadgets for free using Solar Energy, and supports charging for your iPod Touch or iPhone! This is an energy efficient way to charge your iPod either while traveling or on a daily basis.
Designed to sit suit the latest fashionable gadgets with its sleek looks and design, the Freeloader 8.0 is gadgetry eye candy. It is also conveniently mobile, boasting a durable casing for hard-core mobility and the ability to fold into a stylish minimal device that can easily be slipped into a pocket or handbag. The FreeLoader 8.0 Portable Solar Charger uses the latest in cutting edge solar technology to convert solar energy into electricity, making power readily available for a wealth of popular mobile devices. For example, the FreeLoader 8.0 boasts the ability to power an iPod for 18 hours.

The Freeloader 8.0 is available in both Hot Pink and Cool Aluminium Silver, retails £29.99. To purchase or for more details, visit www.solartechnology.co.uk, which offers free shipping to the UK.

ZiPhone 2.5: How to Unlock Your 1.1.4 iPhone

For those who have successfully jailbreaked and unlocked their 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 iPhones using ZiPhone, you will be happy to know that there are new solutions for the new 1.1.4 firmware update.
There are now two applications you can use to jailbreak/unlock your 1.1.4 iPhone. They are ZiPhone 2.5 and iNdependence, which have both been updated to unlock/jailbreak 1.1.4 iPhones! Let’s see what’s involved to unlock your 1.1.4 iPhone using ZiPhone 2.5!

How to Unlock Your 1.1.4 iPhone with ZiPhone 2.5 (the simplified version!)

Prior to these instructions, if you have an OTB (out of the box, aka BRAND NEW) 1.1.2/1.1.3/1.1.4 iPhone you can follow the steps below. If you’re on older firmware, you should have “restored” your iPhone to 1.1.4 via iTunes first before attempting the jailbreak/unlock.

1. Download the program from here

2. Extract the contents to a folder on your desktop. Launch ziphoneGUI.exe

3. Connect your iPhone to your computer and make sure it has been detected

4. Time to jailbreak, activate, and unlock. Click “Do It All!” to rock and roll!

5. ZiPhone will now load zibri.dat and then search for your iPhone. You will be asked to wait 4 minutes once it’s been found.

6. Once this time has passed, your iPhone will reboot. After the reboot, it will be activated, jailbreaked and unlocked!

7. Installer.app should be on your iPhone after this process. You shoud install the BSD Subsystem.

8. Thanks to iClarified for these instructions. Check out their site for graphical step by step instructions.

Trism : Upcoming iPhone Game by Demiforce

It’s a Bejeweled-like gem matching puzzle game, but the twist is that after getting matched, the gems fall in the direction that the iPhone’s accelerometer tells them to fall. It’s wild stuff, and you can see it clearly in the video above.

Trism - created by Steve D at Demiforce - looks amazing, and is a great advert for how great a platform the iPhone is for games. It’s not out yet, but a demo version is due to be released soon - and Steve has plans to make it available post-SDK as long as there’s a delivery method that’s workable.

You can go to this Demiforce page to register to get an email sent to you when the demo version is released …

Tennis For Two

T4Two.app is essentially a pong-like game for two players on the iphone using the touchscreen to maneuver your paddle. Scoring is kept by the red and blue indicators on the side of the screen and uses your current background as the default playing surface. Install by adding: http://akamatsu.org/repo.xml as a source in Installer.