Fring .9785 Update

Today we have update the most awesome application available Fring. We have not seem no visual changes, but this version solves some bugs. One of the bugs that I was looking forward to be fix was the black line where you type the message that prevented you from seeing what you type using an iTouch, but that bug is still present. The new features are: 1. Fixed the problems Removing SMS.
2. Calls on mVoIP firmware 1.1.2 are now supported.
3. Incoming SIP calls are also available with this new version.

New instruments for Band

A new pack of instruments for the popular application Band available from Installer. These 13 instruments: TB303, RhythmGuitar, Pizzicato, MPC500, LeadGuitar, Flute, EP, ElectroBoard, DaftBand, Congas, Cello, and Bongos Harmonica. The latter while being installed, is not visible in the Band. Initially, after installing all new tools, the application will refresh within a few seconds and after some tests I noticed that Band supports a maximum of 4 / 5 instruments, after which, it crashes. You can find all this Instruments in the toys category in Installer from ModMyiFone

Tribal Target Shooting Game

NicoTeam Homework has released Tribal, a target shooting game which lets you destroy up to 5 targets at a time utilizing the iPhone’s touchscreen. Hit the tribal masks along with the bonus items for additional points while trying to avoid bombs. Add: http://s.imov.eu as a source in Installer

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