Infineon to provide chips for iPhone?

According to UBS analyst, German chipmaker Infineon Technologies might be providing their system solutions to the next generation of iPhones.

He also said that 3G phone might be released by midyear since current EDGE protocols are not powerful enough. He also believes that new iPhone would increase Apple’s stock prices.

Led Banner Gone Native

A few weeks back I posted about a web app that allowed you to input a message and have it scroll across your iPhone’s screen and my first thought was how awesome it would be if it were a native app. Masayuki Akamatsu has made my wish come true. This developer has programmed a native Led Banner app that you can download by adding: http://akamatsu.org/repo.xml as an Installer source. Check out this developers website for more native iPhone apps.


iAno: Piano App for the iPhone


Drummer Teaser Shots

iAno (soon to be renamed Pianist) developer, MooCowMusic, will soon be releasing Drummer, a new 15 sample Drum Pad for your iPhone / iPod Touch with the following features:

# A 15 sample Drum Pad for your iPhone / iPod Touch.

# Multi-touch. Up to 5 pads can be pressed at once.

# Animated pads illuminate at your touch.

# Play along to all your MP3s.

# Change between drumkits at the touch of a button.

The following kits come pre-installed: Rock, Dance, Jazz 1 and 2, and Electro.

Drumkits are fully expandable to allow you to add your own samples (Visit MooCowMusic For More Info).

Look for it soon on the http://modmyifone.com/installer.xml Installer source.

Now how about working on a Vocals app that makes me sound less like s#@t when I sing along to my favorite tunes, mmmkay.:)

Screenshots And Videos Below:


iPhone Firmware v. 1.1.4 Now Available

Yesterday, Apple has released a new update to the iPhone firmware. This puts the firmware at version 1.1.4

ContactFlow - CoverFlow For Your Contacts

The most requested feature for Erica Sadun’s AppFlow was to have the ability to scroll thru contacts but this application beats Erica’s app to it. In fact ContactFlow was only built for this purpose and doesn’t allow you to launch any applications. Add: http://rep.sosiphone.com as a source in Installer to download.


SDK for iPhone might be late

There is less than 1 week remaining until Apple’s release day for SDK. However, according to one source, it might be delayed.

Firstly there are no comments from Apple. Secondly, there are no events related to SDK launch. And it is unlikely that Apple will release it without some sort of big presentation. However we shouldn’t panic since there are still several days for Apple to surprise us.

Stay with us next week (and every other week) as we bring you latest news on iPhone happenings.

PhotoDial for the iPhone

There is a new way to dial your friends. A software called Photo Dial, developed by Makayama allows you to call contacts by selecting their pictures.

The way it works is by having a picture showed for every contact, which you can quickly scroll and click once you found the person you want to call.

You can select how many pictures at a time you want to see, and the order which they are displayed.

Here is a sample video of how it works:

Palm OS emulation for the iPhone

It seems that not everyone is happy with the OS they got in their iPhone. One company by the name of StyleTap has designed Palm OS emulator for the iPhone. One benefit over regular Palm OS is that it’s 423% compared to Palm IIIc. You can see proof of concept video:

iPhone Deals: 3.5mm iPhone Audio Converter = $6.99 + free shipping

Canadian iPhone Accessories retailer iPhoneAccessories.ca currently has a real bargain on an Apple iPhone Stereo 3.5mm Audio Converter, that allows you to listen to any headphones via your iPhone headphones port.The converter currently costs only USD $6.99 with free shipping in USA, Canada, and the UK. Also available is a converter+mic combo, for $13.99 (on photo below).

iPhone, Wii guests on stage at this year's Oscars

We keep on telling people that the iPhone and Wii are like totally going to be huge, but maybe they'll finally believe us now that Jon Stewart trotted both out on stage during the Oscars this year. Oh, and perhaps now would be a good time to remind everyone that voting is still open on the 2007 Engadget Awards.

ipac 3d for iphone

Yeti3D developer Marco Giorgini has released iPac3D for the iPhone/iPod Touch. The game is basically a 3D version of Pac Man. You play as Pac Man in a 3D maze eating the pills while avoiding the enemies. Options for control include a virtual pad or by using the iPhone’s accelerometer. Install by adding: http://www.marcogiorgini.com/iPhone/plist.xml as a source in Installer.


touchpad for iphone

Lets you use your iPhone as a wireless touchpad to control your PC!

użyj swojego iphone jako myszka do swojego kompa.....

Gameloft zapowiedział gry na ekrany dotykowe

Gameloft, popularny twórca mobilnych gier, doskonale zna się na trendach rynku komórkowego. Firma zapowiedziała pracę nad grami stworzonymi z myślą o dotykowych ekranach w przenośnych urządzeniach. W dorobku Gamelofta znajduje się już 15 kultowych tytułów


The new Apple’s Safari 3.1 browser

The new Apple’s Safari 3.1 browser is going to include some neat features for us. The main one is that Safari will be able to render non-standard fonts, which will allow rendering of more dynamic and customizable pages for the iPhone. Also with transform feature one can scale, rotate, skew and translate HTML boxes in real time, where developers allow for such actions.

Animations offer Ajax-like effects like fading out an HTML element without the need for it. Safari 3.1 will also support HTML5’s SQL API. HTML5 will also permit for video and audio tags. This will support embedding video and audio content and playbac controls in web pages. Also
The other features expected in Safari 3.1 are enhanced web page debugging tools, a database browser tool that’s been built into the Web Inspector for use alongside the new SQL storage API, and a native version of the getElementsByClassName JavaScript function. The latter has been drastically sped up

Pool for Pocket Billiard iPhone and iPod Touch

Pool for the iPhone is a native Pocket Billiard game to run on Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

The object of the game is to pocket all colored balls, using as few strokes as possible. The order of pocketing is free. If the cue ball (white) is pocketed, one of the previously pocketed balls is placed back on the table.
The number of strokes is shown on the left top corner of the table.

How to make a shot:
First select direction of the shot. Touch the screen and the cue will be directed towards touch position.
Then select shot power. Touch on the power selection area (on the right side of the screen) and drag. The number on the top will show the power of the shot (1 to 100). Release your finger from the screen to make a shot.
Use Settings page to customize game options.

Manual Installation:
Download here: http://www.adikus.com/Pool.app.zip
Copy contents of the file to /Applications/ folder on your iPhone/iPod. You may need to set file permissions.

Please leave comments on the blog. http://www.adikus.com/blog


Ładowarka do ipone bez kabla????

Przeczytalem dzis na pewnej stronie , ze powstal bez przewodowal ładowarka do telefonow , w tym Iphone.
Jest to panel na który wystarczy położyc telefon,i to w zasadzie wszystko ,,,,,:) telefon będzie ładowany....
Ładowarkę tą można zamowic na stronie

Wildcharge charger and adapters are now available for purchase for the 2nd Generation iPod Nano, iPod, and most importantly, the iPhone.

The two parts include an adapter to attached to your device, and the charging base, which you lay your device on to charge.


FilesAnywhere available for iPhone

FilesAnywhere, a web storage application has announced that it is available for the iPhone users.

All you need is to download FilesAnywhere desktop utility (available for PC/Mac) and you can easily drop files onto it, which then be transferred to

online storage. The other great feature it has is Web-links, so it’s much easier to share uploaded files with your friends. Web-linked files are accessible for everyone

It has 1GB of storage for free (with 10MB Per-File, 25 Files/Day limit), however there is also paid subscriptions which removes the limits and drastically increases the size.

iPhone and other mobile users will have to use special web-interface available at m.filesanywhere.com. It is specially optimized for mobile devices. It supports file viewing without downloading them, as well as file sharing from web-interface.

Befree4iPhone app on iphone/ipod touch

With Befree4iPhone you can remote control your PC and watch the files directly from your Apple iPhone. Only with this software and with your iPhone is it for the first time possible to remote control your PC in a mobile way all over the world in an easy way. Just install Befree4iPhone on your PC and you will get full access by the safari browser on your mobile phone. You will see the complete PC screen, full zoom - and access ability. Perform all kind of mouseclicks and send texts and key combinations to the PC. It is very close, you sitting in front of it.

Befree4iPhone is freeware. You are able to use all functions mentioned above over an unlimited amount of time!

Optionally, you can upgrade Befree4iPhone to the pro-version. In this version you have unlimited access to the pro-features. That is, for example, the included file browser for access to all files stored on your hard disk or local network by your iPhone. You can directly watch supported files like Acrobat PDF or Office files directly on your iPhone without opening them on your PC. Also Befree4iPhone includes a text editor, for editing large texts with your iPhone keyboard - ideal for answering e-mails and editting text files.

Befree4iPhone runs on alle Windows Platforms since Windows 98 including Windows Vista. Install Befree4iPhone only on your PC. There is no installation necessary on your iPhone. Therefore you do not need a "Jailbreak" or something.

Arkanoid Game

If you’re an old school gamer or just someone that’s familiar with the history of games, you surely remember the classic arcade Arkanoid game — and now it’s on the iPhone!




Monitor your home/office activities in realtime. No need to purchase any expensive equipment. All you need is a webcam on your computer to record everything that goes on when you are away. Mobiscope can monitor the area for motion and transfer the video in realtime to your mobile phone.

To use on your iPhone or iPod Touch open the link in Safari:

To use on your iPhone or iPod Touch open the link in Safari:

Install SNES Emulator on iPod Touch or iPhone!

This video will walk you through installing the SNES emulator and getting it to run on your iPod Touch or iPhone.

download game from : http://www.coolrom.com/roms/snes/

good quality....video

a Little hack ipod touch

Let us show you a little trick to enhance the transmission range of a simple FM transmitter. This makes it possible to have your iPod close to you, while playing back the Music from big loudspeakers connected to your high quality FM receiver.

link http://touchmods

Funiculus on iPod Touch

New apps on ipod and iphone

IPhysics for the iPhone

iphsics for ipod touch and iphone


Video wysłane przez ipodek

very nice apps on ipod i iphone


new iphone 16 gb and ipod 32 gb

iPod touch jest więc osiągalny w trzech wersjach 8, 16 i 32GB. Wszystkie modele są dostępne w Apple Store. iPhone będzie osiągalny w dwóch wersjach 8 i 16GB.


iPhone Battery Solution

Many people complain that the iPhone doesn't have a removable battery. Disposable battery packs for the iPod (sold in airports and online) work great with the iPhone

Voice Dial for the iPhone

Voice Dial for the iPhone
Video wysłane przez ipodek

jailbreakme.com Update

Jailbreakme.com has been updated with some new features to make upgrading even easier. Here are the new features that have been implemented:

  • New! 2/1/08 Automatically oktoprep’s (for easy 1.1.2 upgrade functionality, no need to install the package anymore).
  • New! 2/1/08 Reduced footprint and optimized for speed. We got rid of over 700KB of data and optimized the new application with the new toolchain.
  • Fixed! 2/1/08 Now removes root.zip and youtube.zip (if present) from the root to make space for more music/apps.
  • Fixed! 2/1/08 Fixed reliability issues and .svn/__MACOSX directory creation.
  • Updated! 2/1/08 Installs Installer.app v3.0 on the iPhone/iPod Touch with Community Sources preinstalled.