FreeLoader 8.0 Solar Charger supports the iPhone, iPod Touch

The new FreeLoader 8.0 Portable Solar Charger by Solar Technology is a smart looking, versatile device that charges a multitude of the latest mobile gadgets for free using Solar Energy, and supports charging for your iPod Touch or iPhone! This is an energy efficient way to charge your iPod either while traveling or on a daily basis.
Designed to sit suit the latest fashionable gadgets with its sleek looks and design, the Freeloader 8.0 is gadgetry eye candy. It is also conveniently mobile, boasting a durable casing for hard-core mobility and the ability to fold into a stylish minimal device that can easily be slipped into a pocket or handbag. The FreeLoader 8.0 Portable Solar Charger uses the latest in cutting edge solar technology to convert solar energy into electricity, making power readily available for a wealth of popular mobile devices. For example, the FreeLoader 8.0 boasts the ability to power an iPod for 18 hours.

The Freeloader 8.0 is available in both Hot Pink and Cool Aluminium Silver, retails £29.99. To purchase or for more details, visit www.solartechnology.co.uk, which offers free shipping to the UK.

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