Drummer Teaser Shots

iAno (soon to be renamed Pianist) developer, MooCowMusic, will soon be releasing Drummer, a new 15 sample Drum Pad for your iPhone / iPod Touch with the following features:

# A 15 sample Drum Pad for your iPhone / iPod Touch.

# Multi-touch. Up to 5 pads can be pressed at once.

# Animated pads illuminate at your touch.

# Play along to all your MP3s.

# Change between drumkits at the touch of a button.

The following kits come pre-installed: Rock, Dance, Jazz 1 and 2, and Electro.

Drumkits are fully expandable to allow you to add your own samples (Visit MooCowMusic For More Info).

Look for it soon on the http://modmyifone.com/installer.xml Installer source.

Now how about working on a Vocals app that makes me sound less like s#@t when I sing along to my favorite tunes, mmmkay.:)

Screenshots And Videos Below:

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